The Pulse of the City Pod

Eagles-Steelers preview, season outlook

Episode Summary

Anthony, Brian, and Ryan preview this week’s Eagles-Steelers matchup. Pittsburgh is a complete team with an elite defense, and we highlight what the Birds need to do to keep things close. We then discuss the mess that is the Cowboys defense, before rounding out our thoughts on the team moving forward here at the quarter mark of the season.

Episode Notes

Anthony, Brian, and Ryan preview the Eagles-Steelers matchup and what needs to be done to keep it close (0:30). We debate which matchup is more winnable—Pittsburgh this week, or Baltimore next week (5:50)—before discussing Wentz’s commitment to using his legs in 2020 (17:30). We then pivot to the division, where we wonder if Dallas (and their porous defense) is even a threat in the NFC East (36:30). Finally, we end with predictions for this weekend before giving a general outlook on the season moving forward here at the quarter mark.